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Comparison of four methods of DNA extraction from gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria (17501 Views)
Evaluation of Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma Diagnostic Function in Determination of Intra-Abdominal Free Fluid due to Blunt Trauma in Patients Referring to Shahid Beheshti Hospital in Qom, during 2014-2017 (11255 Views)
Radiation effect on the number of circulating blood cells in patients receiving radiation therapy in Tohid hospital of Sanandaj in 2014 (9200 Views)
Evaluation of the prevalence of brucellosis At Alinasab and Sina Hospitals of Tabriz in the summer 2014 (7630 Views)
The study of prevalence and risk factors of hypothyroidism in newborn screening program in Sanandaj city in 2009 -2014 (7023 Views)
The role of cognitive flexibility and mindfulness in predicting student Procrastination (6626 Views)
The efficacy of mindfulness based stress reduction on the procrastination reduction Nurses city of Marivan (6616 Views)
Investigation of Photocatalytic degradation of reactive black5 dye using ZnO-CuO nanocomposite (6536 Views)
Compare the estimated odds ratios from logistic regression and conditional logistic regression in the case - control study determination risk factors for unintentional childhood poisoning of children in Tehran (6298 Views)
The study of depression prevalence among the students of Jahrom University of Medical Sciences in 2013 (6212 Views)
A Survey of Internet Addiction and its Related Factors in Students of Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences in 2014-15 (5995 Views)
Application of artificial neural network to modeling and optimization of removal of acid black1 using TiO2-Ni nanocoposite (5713 Views)
Comparison of attachment styles and marital satisfaction in the city of Marivan citizens (5323 Views)
The efficacy of silver dressings in prevention of wound bacterial and fungal infection in skin surgery sternum area in open-heart surgery in Kashan Shahid Beheshti hospital (5308 Views)
The prevalence of nosocomial infection in ICU, Besat Hospital, Sanandaj City, Iran (5217 Views)
The Association of Anemia with Learning and Memory in Students of Imam Raouf Educational Complex of Isfahan, 1397 (5038 Views)
Survey of water fluoride and status of dmft and DMFT in elementary and medium school students in Kamiran Town (4951 Views)
Evaluation of in vitro fertilization and early embryonic development in ghezel sheep (4923 Views)
The Effect of Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT) on Reducing Marital Stress of Married‌ Couples (4837 Views)
A study of the pollution of ten popular medicinal plants by heavy metals in Khoramabad (Iran) (4837 Views)
The effect of colloidal silver nanoparticles on histopathology of zebra fish (Danio rerio) gill (4805 Views)
Concentrations of Cu and Zn in the edible tissues of two fish species Liza klunzingeri and Sillago sihama collected from Hara biosphere in Iran (4790 Views)
Evaluation of bioaccumulation of lead and cadmium in the muscle tissue of slaughtered cow in Sanandaj City (4739 Views)
Prediction of social anxiety by cognitive emotional regulation and emotional schema in female and male students (4738 Views)
Biological properties of Brown algae in Northern Coast of Persian Gulf (4710 Views)
Determination of aflatoxin in wheat flour samples by ELISA in Chalus city (Mazandaran province) (4702 Views)
Assessment of Water Safety Plan (WSP) Implementation and Risk Management in Sarayan City (4698 Views)
Epidemiology of overweight and obesity among students 7 to 12 years old in Sanandaj city in 2013-2014 (4685 Views)
Detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa producing Metallo-β-Lactamases from patients in Shohadaye- Ashayer hospital, Khorramabad (4633 Views)
Investigation Depression Prevalence and Related Effective Factors Among Students at Health Faculty Semnan University of Medical Sciences in 2017, Iran (4552 Views)
Effectiveness of Inducing Positive Affect on Improvement Autobiographical Memory in Depressive Patients (4542 Views)
Psychometric Properties of Behavioral Activation for Depression Scale Short form among Students (BADS-SF) (4541 Views)
Defined under the factors related to the effectiveness of teaching according to comments of Medical Sciences Students of Kurdistan University in 2013-2014 (4489 Views)
The relationship between religious beliefs and self-esteem in students (4468 Views)
Assessment of the public health status of male college students under the military service and school exemption in Maragheh faculty of medical Sciences, Iran (4444 Views)
Predicting Defense Mechanisms based on Big Five Personality Traits among University Students (4424 Views)
The relationship between Head-nurses’ communication skills and demographic characteristics in educational hospoitals of sanandaj: A Cross Sectional study (4359 Views)
A 2 months old infant with severe combined immunodeficiency (4359 Views)
The Prevalence of breast and Cervical Cancer screening and related factors in woman who refereeing to health center of Sanandaj city in 2014 (4353 Views)
The survey of Thalassemia minor epidemiological in volunteers of marriage referred to health centers of Javanroud city in 2013-2014 (4341 Views)
The study of inclination of pregnant mothers to the mode of delivery in Bane city in 2014 (4313 Views)
A Study of Social Factors affecting on Environmental Attitudes and Behavior in the Marivan City in 2014 (4289 Views)
Photocatalytic Removal of Escherichia Coli from water by ZnO Nanoparticles Synthesized by the hydrothermal method (4287 Views)
Biosorption of copper (II) from aqueous environments by brownalgaePadinasp. and Colpomeniasp.: Investigation of adsorption isotherms (4245 Views)
Survey of efficiency Pumice stone for decolorization of dye direct blue 71 from aqueous solutions (4224 Views)
Ranking Fars province cities in terms of health and municipal services indicators by using Scalogram method (4193 Views)
Estimation of Daily Intake and Potential Risk of Chromium, Lead and Cadmium in Consumers of Common carp and Zander from Gorgan Gulf (4165 Views)
Relationship between aggression and demographic characteristics in Male High School Students of Ilam (4151 Views)
Antibiotic sensitivity in strains of Klebsiella pneumonia isolated from clinical samples Besat hospitals of Sanandaj (2013-2014) (4133 Views)
The Prevalence of Violence among Patients and Companions against Nurses and their Related Factors in the Educational and Treatment Center in Tehran in 1395 (4118 Views)
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